Anchorage, Alaska

Anchorage is the city I call have called my home since 2004.  Locals  joke that Anchorage is "only 20 minutes from Alaska" and I guess in some ways that is true! Still, Anchorage is a beautiful city, with over 200 miles of trails within her city limits.  The galleries on this page reflect my experience of living "so close to Alaska" for over a decade.   


Anchorage 7.1.  The Anchorage skyline, taken on the day of the Anchorage 7.1 Earthquake on January 24, 2016. 

Anchorage Winter Gallery

I have a bittersweet feeling as I recollect the images in this gallery. For a dozen years or so I have been hiking deep inside the woods of Anchorage during winter. Most of the time I would photograph the woods right after a heavy snow, and when truly fortunate, after a hoar frost. Sadly, these winter moments do not seem to exist any longer in Anchorage as climate change has transformed our city from a winter wonderland to a torrent of freezing rain and ice. I wonder if we will ever experience the thrill of watching two feet of snow accumulate on the back deck  in a matter of hours, or the heavy fog that descends and covers every branch in a crystalline blanket. I hope the images here will convey the beauty of what was a spectacular winter season in the place I call home.